Sunday, January 25, 2009

Everything worth reading carnival . . .

For everyone who enjoys a good read, check out the Everything Worth Reading Carnival, located HERE

The best description of this blog is probably the publisher's own:

"What It's All About
Here's a monthly compilation of posts that are just good stuff. Don't send your how to guides. Don't send your business tips. Don't send financial advice, relationship therapy, or cutesie tales of two-year-old iguanas. Send your best writing--writing being the key word here. Be sure it's interesting. Ask yourself, is this the best dang thing on the web right now? If so, send it. Once a month, I'm giving up my own words to promote yours."

To which all I can add is: there really is something for everyone!
Photo credit: HERE


  1. That's a great idea! I'll forward this to my sister who is writer too!

  2. Good news . . . we writers need to keep putting it out there! Happy to pass it along. =)

    Marie, you have such an interesting blog. I always learn something intriguing and the postcards are such charming slivers of history. Good stuff!

  3. Ya know, Devon that anecdote about the tuna? The characters sound remarkably like some people I know... It was great - really funny!


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