Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Noodles in the economic crisis . . .

Global trade’s a hot topic just now, what with the plummeting world economy and everyone scrambling to hang on and weather it through.

But hey, you can only sustain the big fears and worries so long.
Eventually by the trickle-down theory, those big changes effect smaller ones. And smaller ones again, until they finally get whittled down to a size we can cope with – as ‘little’ vicissitudes that make us smile.

The one I met today made me laugh out loud.

See, I bought a different brand of noodles recently. (Global trade and all that.) I’m open to trying new things and they were pretty economical. Good selling point, these days.

Now, I usually read packaging closely. We British Columbians are noted for it. (I saw that on the CBC so it must be true.)

This time though, I was in a hurry and after all, what’s there to know about noodles? “Aha,” cried the gods of whim . . . “just you wait and see!”

I decided to try the new noodles today, and looked at the cooking directions.


Put noodles into boiling water.

After 2-3 minutes, (at first cook it by strong fire for two minutes and then cook it by moderate fire little by little) please stir it by chopsticks.

The lustrous, bright, soft and nutrient noodles should be poured by cold water after it is recovered from water.

The making method is unique and needs short time for cooking. The noodles can be cooked, souted* and scalded. It can be cooked into delicious noodles according to your taste.

*(I think they mean ‘sautéed’ but the French ‘mode d’emploi’ doesn’t mention it, so I can’t be certain. Ah well, vive la différence!)
For the moment, I have no idea what they're going to taste like. Haven't had the heart to tear open the package . . . it's just so darned cute!


  1. I have to say I am laughing out loud at the lustrous noodles. I hope you enjoy them when you do finally open the packet and cook them.

  2. Oh yes...more nutrient noodles please. And I would like them salted, scented, sotted, and then sorted this time. Thank you. Laura :p

  3. This is priceless. I'll be sure to stir my noodles by chopsticks too!

  4. Jeepers, I hope the lustrous thing doesn't mean they glow in the dark?
    Sotted? Love it!
    And Marie: funny thing is, I do use chopsticks to cook ramen - they don't break the wiggly things up like a fork does . . . just didn't realize what a funny mental picture that creates, LOL.


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