Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The sound of cellophane: inventors, take note!

The day someone invents this dog training gadget, I’m going to rush out and buy it.

No more whistling, hand clapping or calling dog names! No more “meh, I’ll come when I get around to it.”

Just one simple button to press, and voila (!) dog obedience like you’ve never experienced before.

Guaranteed gold.

Please, somebody make a device that emits the sound of cookie packages being unwrapped.


  1. I've found the solution....carry a cat! :)

    Your doggies are gorgeous and I'm enjoying your blog. Hope you didn't find too many cobwebs in your Christmas decorations. ;)

  2. Too funny! I'm ailurophobic so a tad edgy about carting any kitties about. The decorations fared well and have been bid farewell til next time, LOL. Cheers!

  3. You could borrow Bindy for a bit, she'd set em straight! hehehe

  4. Only if you ship her in a titanium steel cage I can rig to retract under the sundeck . . . from a distance. (Like from up on the roof, LOL.)

    Thanks for the offer, but I'd still rather have a portable goodie-sound emitting device . . . I'm so-o-o-o not into Fear Factor.

  5. She's mean, but come on, she's not THAT mean!!

    Well, maybe.

  6. works for little kindergarten children, as well.



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