Friday, January 2, 2009

We want our old TV back; it got better shows . . .

Last night, the hub looked up from his postprandial ritual of perusing the listings and announced, “I’m thinking of bringing the old TV back in from the shed. We got better shows on it.”

When the giggles subsided, we talked a bit over why we’re saying more often, “gee, there’s nothing on tonight.”

There used to be, when we had the old TV.

That was before the writers’ strike threw a monkey wrench in the schedule. And before the holiday season, a traditional time of specials, filler movies and heavy advertising.

And don’t forget about this crazy weather keeping us indoors more. It lends a flavor of dull old sameness to just about anything if it goes on too long.

Our typical rainforest winters get a bit sodden, but we can walk just about anywhere with the dogs without suiting up for a polar expedition first.

These being forces of change beyond our control, there’s no point arguing with the hub’s logic. He’s wasting no time on asking why things are as they are.

Heck no!
Take action . . . and think of something you can do.

Okay. But only if he brings in the really old TV. The one that got Mannix . . . or Hogan’s Heroes . . . maybe some Rowan & Martin . . . or booyah! The Prisoner.

Now you’re talking.


  1. Oh I want a picture if the old teevee comes back into the living room! lol
    Good one Pen, good one. and true! TV is a nasty affair now isn't it. I miss Leave-It-To-Beaver...Honeymooners..opps! wearing my age on your blog!
    Thanks for the read Pen!

  2. Thats why I download everything we watch basically, TV from the UK seems to be so much better, and never a commercial.

    And I watch it when I want. ;)

  3. 20 and 21 year-olds...they watch TV on their laptops..don't even have teevees!
    (not that they could fit them into what they call 'apartments').
    The boys say the same thing...better shows, no commercials.

  4. thanks for all the blog-love, i've added myself to your followers, and i'll be back to look around!

    happy blogging!!


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