Sunday, February 15, 2009

A pleasant Sunday stroll . . .

Okay, I really don't make this stuff up.

Here's my neighbours out for a Sunday stroll . . . complete with Arabian, two llamas and two dogs.

Never let it be said that life in Port Alberni isn't exotic!


  1. Ok, now that's a real sight. Who would expect to see such a thing!

  2. Ok, whats up? Feb.15 is the last entry? Slacker!

  3. musta been quite the walk!!

  4. It's a while since you've posted. Hope to see more from you soon and hope everything is ok!

  5. Sadly, I can't convince Blogger that I am the owner of this blog. So I can't post or do anything with it at all. Oh well, fun while it lasted, I guess. Devon


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